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Perm, Russia, 614000
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Monitoring and diagnostics of high-voltage transformers

Our diagnostic systems and device which our firm has developed, show, how much seriously we concern monitoring and diagnostics of a technical condition of transtormers-integrating elements of distribution system of electric energy

Device Monitored subsystems Design features and algorithms of the monitoring system.
Application field
HV Bushings
PD in insulation
Cooling system
Tank vibration
Acoustic location
Current, Voltage
TDM + + + + + + +
  • Modular system that implements a complete set of diagnostic functions
  • Used to monitor the most expensive and important transformers
TDM-3F + + +       +
  • Measurement of partial discharge is performed in the UHF frequencies
  • Used for monitoring transformers with working voltage of 220÷500 kV
TIM-3 + +   + +   +
  • The simplest monitoring system that allows you to control the main parameters
  • Used to monitor the 110 kV transformers
R-1500 +            
  • The system diagnostic monitoring the technical condition of the three bushings of the power transformer by the conduction currents
KIV-500/110 +            
  • The diagnostic monitoring system the technical condition of power transformer bushings, protection relay
UP-500 +            
  • Set of 3 sensors for mounting on the test taps of HV bushings
  • It is used for periodic on-line measurements on transformers 110 kV
TDM-TS       +      
  • Intelligent cooling control for transformers 220÷500 kV
  • Condition monitoring and diagnostics of defects of oil pumps and cooling fans
TDM-TR       +      
  • Device for intelligent control cooling fans 110 kV power transformers