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2, Shosseinii Viezd Street,
Vaniuki Village, Perm, 614500, Russia
Phone : +7-(342) 212-23-18
Ph/Fax: +7-(342) 212-91-93
E-mail : dimrus@dimrus.com

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Diagnostic systems and devices for monitoring high voltage cables and GIS

The long length of cable lines and the rapid growth in the number of high-voltage cable lines increased requirements for diagnostics. In a production program of our company has systems and equipment condition monitoring of such equipment

Device Monitored objects Design features and algorithms of the monitoring system.
Application field
Cables and joints by PD
State of joints by PD
Temperature profile
Currents in the cable shield
Location of defect's places
KMK-500 + + + + +
  • Complex system with a maximum range of diagnostic functions
  • Used to monitor the most expensive and important cable lines
CDR + +   + +
  • Universal device for PD registration in HF and UHF frequency bands
  • Used to monitor PD in the cable lines of 110 kV and above
ASTRO     +    
  • A fiber optic system of longitudinal control of the temperature profile of the cable line
  • It is used for high voltage cable lines
CDM +     + +
  • Multichannel (up to 45), the system of PD registration
  • Is used to control distributed cable networks 6รท220 kV
ADM   +      
  • The control system of partial discharges using acoustic sensors
  • It is used for the control of cables terminations and joints
GIS-DM +       +
  • Universal device PD registration in HF and UHF frequency bands
  • Is used for monitoring the state of the GIS
DKL-3 +        
  • Set of 3 partial discharge sensors for mounting on cable terminations and joints
  • Used for online measurement of partial discharges in cable lines