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2, Shosseinii Viezd Street,
Vaniuki Village, Perm, 614500, Russia
Phone : +7-(342) 212-23-18
Ph/Fax: +7-(342) 212-91-93
E-mail : dimrus@dimrus.com

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Portable devices and equipment for diagnosis and testing of high voltage equipment

Devices for testing, diagnosis and measurement of various parameters of the high voltage equipment

Device Testing method Equipment
CPDA-15, 30, 60
  • Diagnosis of cable lines and joints by partial discharges using DAC voltage
Cable lines 6รท35 kV
  • Diagnosis of insulation by return voltage method
  • Diagnosis of insulation by relaxation currents method
Insulation of various high-voltage equipment
  • Monitoring deformation of transformer windings by SFRA method
Power transformers, high voltage insulation
  • Monitoring of standard parameters power transformer's OLTC
  • Diagnostics of the OLTC contacts without disassembly by DRM method
OLTC of power transformers
  • Measurement of pressing core and windings quality of power transformers by vibration of the tank
  • Diagnosis of oil pumps cooling system of power transformers
Power transformers