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70 Permskaya street, Suite 402,
Perm, Russia, 614000
Phone :+7-(342) 212-23-18
Ph/Fax:+7-(342) 212-84-74
E-mail : dimrus@dimrus.com

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Monitoring and diagnostics of electical machines

Practically 100% of electric energy is developed by generators of various type, and high-voltage engines are central elements most of the large companies. There are monitoring systems and portable diagnostic devices in our production program

Device Design features and algorithms of the monitoring system.
Application field
  • Register partial discharge produced in the HF - UHF frequency range using electromagnetic antennas
  • Is used to monitor a large motors and power generators
  • Register partial discharges in the HF frequency range using coupling capacitors or the coil temperature sensors
  • Is used to monitor the medium electric motors and generators
  • Monitoring of the technical condition of AC motors according to the current spectrum
  • Don't have wires and the power supplies