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2, Shosseinii Viezd Street,
Vaniuki Village, Perm, 614500, Russia
Phone : +7-(342) 212-23-18
Ph/Fax: +7-(342) 212-91-93
E-mail : dimrus@dimrus.com

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Dimrus company

Safe and reliable operation of High Voltage equipment is absolutely critical issue in any industry. DimRus developing and manufacturing a variety of modern diagnostic equipment for monitoring of multiple operating parameters and conditions of almost all electrical and mechanical systems in Medium and High Voltage electrical apparatus. Versatile systems for continuous monitoring and portable instruments for periodical testing are available from our company.

Performance and quality of our products are recognized worldwide. DIMRUS test equipment is working in more than 45 countries including UK and USA.

Using our continuous monitoring systems allow for fully automated diagnostics of any HV equipment in power generation, power distribution and in other industrial applications.

All our monitoring systems and portable devices are coming with expert diagnostic software giving very efficient tools into the hands of operating and maintenance personnel for safe and reliable operation of their equipment. Invaluable information can be used in advanced planning for maintenance and repair, saving money by avoiding unplanned outages and lost production and by minimizing insurance premiums.

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Company news

04 December 2020

Test-PD – Device for Effective Diagnostics of High-Voltage Cables, Terminations and Joints


The compact portable Test-PD device is designed for effective condition examination of terminations and joints in the medium voltage and high voltage cables, 6 kV and above.

The device is easy to use thanks to the in-built expert system, which automatically forms the diagnostic reports. This makes it possible to use the device by the staff with no special training.

To diagnose the cable/termination/joint condition it is necessary just to bring the device close to it. The data received will be immediately displayed as four colored histograms and the picture of the cable crosssection.

26 September 2018

PD-Unit – portable device for on-line monitoring of high-voltage equipment insulation


PD-Unit portable measuring device is used for on-line monitoring of the insulation condition.

  • The device does not have any screen or keyboard. All the controls are done from a smartphone or a tablet through a standard wireless communication interface.
  • In-built HF and UHF frequency sensors for PD measurement.
  • 4 types of external sensors can be connected to the device.
  • With PD-Unit partial discharges can be measured in the insulation of the switchgears, terminal and coupling joints of the cables, gas-insulated equipment (GIS), in high-voltage tank equipment - power transformers, switches, etc.